Why Pop tarts are good for you.

Why Are POP-Tarts So Dang Good..

Why Pop Tarts Are So Dang Good?


This is the story that will change everything you thought you knew about Building your Physique.


I mean who doesn’t? If you’ve ever met anyone that says they don’t like carbs and cheat meals then they are in denial and you should run far far away from them…(not literally unless you feel unsafe).

But let me break this down for you and make things clear. Most diets don’t work, 90% of diets fail! Yes this is true, why?

Listen very closely to the next statement I’m about to make.

Nobody likes a diet (that is true). Instead of following a Diet, you need to make a lifestyle change! 


What do I mean LIFESTYLE vs DIET? I know everyone reading this right now is lost and confused by what I am talking about but we are going to break it down into 3 simple steps for you.

  1. Diets never change but your life constantly changes. (Diets trap you into eating specific foods during certain times but life isn’t always consistent you have to have flexibility)
  2. Diets get boring and trap you into certain foods and calories. (It’s no secret that diets suck and typically make people hate their lives)
  3. Diets work but are usually only temporary. ( I’ve never met anyone who want to lose weight or gain muscle temporary just to have it go away or turn back into fat months late)

Now that we can identify the negatives in following a diet I think it’s time to let you in on the secret of Physique Builder that will help you shed fat and build muscle that’s going to last and not just be temporary.

First things first, you must understand your lifestyle you are currently living and the lifestyle that you want to live or have.

For example:

You currently work a 9-5 at desk job where you get little to no activity daily. You hit the gym and lift weights 2-3 times per week and usually go out to dinner 2-3 times er week and consume alcohol on a regular basis. (If this is your current lifestyle you obviously don’t wont to follow a specific diet because your current lifestyle has NO healthy standards included to lose weight or gain muscle. Following a diet with this type of lifestyle is only going to make you miserable and most likely depressed and unhappy.)

Are you picking up what I am putting down?!?

Let’s use the above example one more time to show what this person is missing and why the only way for them to get the results they are looking for is by having a lifestyle change and not following a diet.

For the example listed above we can clearly see that this individual works a job that involves little to no exercise and and this is the first problem. WHY? Because they program their mind to be lazy (something that thousands of people overlook). See the without realizing what’s going on the person’s mindset has already shifted from an active lifestyle to a lazy lifestyle (in the form of physical activity not work or life) and this is the first problem we are going to have to address.

Switching the mindset is going to be your first step no matter what your situation is.

Incorporating a strict diet to this person’s life at this point in time will result in an 80% failure and that’s way too high of a risk to mess with. What the person above needs to do is first make a conscious effort to stop eating the snacks and drinks while at work and replace them with healthy alternatives (baby steps is key). Also in Phase 1 they are going to need to start switching up their morning routine . This means if they are already getting up early they need to find 15 minutes to do some sort of activity. That can be walking, biking, skateboarding, going to the gym, swimming, boxing, or anything that will get their blood flowing……

If this person starts work at 9am and is waking up at 8am or later than we have a more serious problem. this person needs to change their sleeping pattern now and start waking up at 7am at least so that they have time to wake up, eat and get their morning routine structured.

Now I am going to drop the biggest piece of advice on you if you haven’t already started to piece this together.

There are only 4 major areas that you need to improve on that will have a drastic impact on your health and will allow you to reach your goals permanently allowing you to stay shredded and feeling amazing.

Are you ready for them?


That’s right these 4 things trump a diet everytime and we will break them down. but first you need to make sure you have the first two complete and that’s sleep and morning routine.

If you are wondering how or where to even start with this new lifestyle plan it’s simple .

I want you to sit down grab a journal and start writing everything down on a piece of paper that you do everyday. Then I want you to go back and see if there is any sort of pattern that has been developed and what the bad and good are. For example (11 am I grab a muffin from the second floor bakery) that would be a negative because it’s not necessary or needed. Another Example of a negative would be ( Every night I get home and put on my favorite tv show while I eat and end up falling asleep) another wasted time gap that is not necessary or needed.

Now let me give you an example of a positive. (I usually drink 1 gallon of water everyday) that would be highlighted as a positive. (I usually wake up every Saturday and go for a walk or hike) Boom another positive to highlight. (I go to the gym 3 days a week after work) Another One!

It’s very simple but very important that you do this exercise so that you can visually see all the negative and positives so that you can start to make a conscious effort to change the negatives into positives and be aware of what you are doing and not just going through the motions.