Why Pop Tarts Are Bad For You?

Why Pop Tarts Are Bad For You

Strawberry, Blueberry, Brown Sugar, Cherry, Smores…

The list goes on and on for these amazing little pastry treats and I know you have tried them all because so have I.


But that’s not the topic of debate today.


Today’s topic is all about Why Pop tarts are bad for you!


Let’s break things down first into what a Pop tart actually is.

(Yes I know they look amazing)


Pop tarts are a pastry that are sold in almost every store nationwide. They consist of Fats, Carbs, and Proteins (just like almost all food sources). The reason they get a bad name however is because they are SWEET and that means they have sugar (which is just another word for carbs). 


Now in all my days of eating Pop tarts I can tell you that I have never experienced any negative side effects from eating Pop tarts and I doubt any else has either.


That being said I’m going to completely disappoint you with my answer on why Pop tarts are bad for you and that’s that they aren’t. 


That’s right there is nothing wrong with a Pop tart. 




There is something wrong with eating 4 Pop tarts in 1 day just like anything else, and that’s why Pop tarts get a bad name ( they are so damn delicious and it’s almost impossible to eat 1 little pastry).


Besides the fact that you might eat all 8 delicious pastries in one sitting there is absolutely nothing wrong with a Pop tart. I mean come on don’t make your life difficult if you want a Pop tart eat one just make sure you have self control and only eat them one at a time. 


I eat Pop tarts everyday and am able to maintain a body fat level under 16% and stay shredded all year long and so can you.

Don’t imprison yourself, Give YourSelf Control! 


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